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So you reckon you know what your £10 might be worth?

This April Fool’s Day, National Minimum Wage isn't the only thing that's gone up.

So have lots of other things.

Stamps. Prescriptions. Mobile contracts. Utilities. Council tax. Going to the dentist. TV licence. Air Passenger Duty. Car tax. All going up this April 1st.

So that tenner in your pocket has already taken a pounding.

And no let-up for business either, as business rates and pension contributions are also set to rise.

So while yet more votes in Parliament set the poor old pound bouncing up and down like a yo-yo (or one of our new sit/stand desks), we thought we’d take a look at what it might get you around the world.

If it’s beer you’re after, your £10 will get you twice as much in Vietnam than in India, for instance, and seven times as much as in the UK. Perhaps no surprise you get the least beer for your money in the United Arab Emirates. Where you’re not really supposed to drink.

But you’re not a drinker anyway? How about the price of milk, then?

You can get twice as much milk for your money in both India and Poland than in the UK, but you'll only get half as much in New Zealand. And bottled water is also a fierce price for Kiwis - it'll cost twice what you’d pay in the UK - but only half as much as in the UAE.

If you really want to make your money work harder and you’re a heavy-drinking smoker who loves a Big Mac - better head for South Africa!

The UK itself is pretty fairly middle-of-the-road on most things, in terms of price.

But as we welcome another April 1st and the start of British Summer Time, with the promise of snow later this week, ironically it’s become one of the most expensive places in the world to buy sunscreen.

Wonder if milk would work instead?

If you’re a heavy-drinking smoker who loves a Big Mac - head for South Africa!