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3 Easy Steps to Supercharge your Career Success

Posted: 28 November 2018

There are some people who always seem to do OK for themselves – maybe they know the right people in the business, or can charm the pants off people and get what they want. Sure, some people just get lucky, but the majority of successful people are where they are because of a whole load of hard work, determination and resilience that goes on behind the scenes.

The most successful people aren’t the ones who sit back and expect opportunities to fall at their feet; they take set-backs and criticisms on the chin, learn from their mistakes, and keep pushing towards their goals until they get it right.

If you’re wondering why some of your colleagues can consistently smash their targets, ‘wow’ the boss, and sail from strength to strength, we’ll let you in on a little secret. They’re not superhuman, or better than you – the only difference is that they do these 3 key things differently to you.

1. Be open about your ambitions

You may feel like you’re juggling a-million-and-one things at work, but newsflash – so does your boss! Your happiness and career success may be at the top of your list, but everyone else is also likely to be focusing on their own stuff too.

Whether it’s through a structured performance plan, or an informal chat with your manager, you need to be upfront about what you want to achieve and the direction you want your career to take within the business. Talk through your goals with your boss so they can give you the relevant training and support you need to succeed.

2. Learn from other successful people

Don’t reinvent the wheel – find someone within the business who is successful in the areas that you want to improve in and see what you can learn from them. They will have faced and overcome plenty of challenges to get to where they are, so use their first-hand experiences to help guide you and show you the best way to achieve your ambitions.

If you’re struggling to find a mentor within the company you work for, reach out to your network through LinkedIn, or friends and family. Find people who inspire you to want to be better – you may be surprised where nuggets of wisdom can be found!

3. Don’t rely on anyone else for your success

Sometimes a lack of confidence and self-doubt can crush your enthusiasm and make you feel like giving up – silence the voice that says ‘maybe I’m not cut out for this’ or ‘what’s the point in even trying’!

The only person that can create the future you want and deserve is you! Take responsibility for making yourself successful and don’t blame anyone else if things don’t work out the first time around. Take each mistake and disappointment as a chance to learn and be better than before.

Successful people are no different from you – they suffer with doubts and struggles and set-backs too. Succeeding doesn’t mean never being unhappy or falling down, it means carrying on in spite of this and fiercely pursuing your ambitions with passion, determination and a positive attitude. So get out there and show them what you’re made of!

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