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Anatomy of an offbeat Recruitment Marketer - What it takes to attract and engage top talent

Posted: 09 December 2015

Recruitment marketing has become the ultimate hybrid discipline. It's not enough for recruitment marketers to know their trade inside and out, they need to specialise in themselves. Yep, you can have all the tools and tricks in the world but if you don't have a clue who you are and what you're about it means diddly squat.

As a recruitment marketer, adapting an offbeat attitude to attracting and engaging top talent is not optional. You need to possess a pretty vast and voice-filled skillset, all underpinned by a seriously sound sense of self. What makes you, well, you is what makes you offbeat.

So, what does it take to be an offbeat recruitment marketer? How can you tap into the traditional RM skills and give them that ‘you’ twist?

The Skills & The Savvy  - How Recruitment Marketers can be on the ball & off the beat.

There’s more than just a few strings to the recruitment marketing bow. It’s about the how as much as the what when it comes to creating that big picture recruitment strategy. Here’s some of the key components to RM and how they can be better ‘you-ised’ to give you that employer appeal.

Social media master.

Recruitment marketing and social media should be inseparable. There’s so much scope to really own and personalise your social efforts when attracting and engaging with talent. It’s not enough to just get your message out there to the masses, it has to be creatively and culturally communicated with clout.

  • Nail culture socially - First, define those company culture hot points that set you apart and find new and current ways to showcase that. Get behind loved Twitter themes such as #MondayMotivation, choose to get personal with your Thank You messages rather than automate. These little things go a long way in cementing your place as an employer of choice.

Employer Brand advocate.

As a RM, your Employer Brand is the be all and end all of your recruitment happenings. More than just really understanding it, you can be the one to set the bar and standard of how that invaluable tool is utilised. Everyone that communicates under your brand or company name is an advocate. It’s partly your role to ensure and enforce effective and on-brand communications, and your EB should be at the heart of all postings, strategies and processes.

  • Dig deep and set standards high - Who are your dream employees? The first step of any marketing strategy is to get to grips with your audience, has anyone established who they are yet? Matching the messages to the message readers is key so don’t go for a blanket recruitment marketing approach, tap into the audience types and set up mini-strategies for each. Maybe you’re a big graduate employer or have a great track record for apprenticeship hires? Great, cater your marketing and recruitment experience to those folks in your own, unique ways. It might seem like a load of extra work but it doesn’t have to be. It’s amazing what a little personalisation can do.

Content marketer mastermind.

Content really is king. The best RMs are the ones that don’t just publish great content, they are the ones that encourage user-generated content like pros. Let’s face it, that’s what every brand or company is after. Yes be engaging and post lots of different forms of content but you also need to urge that interaction, get those shares and actually connect and converse with followers and fans.

  • Think community - Great content breeds better communities. It’s that simple. You can’t just request for your employees or potential candidates to follow, share or comment on something you post, that’s not real engagement. You can’t fake authenticity and the most authentic tool you have at your disposal is your current employees. Give them the tools, trust and technique to reach out and engage with future employees. What makes your employees unique? Does one have a certain take, skillset or story? Allow them to share and showcase in their own personal way, it’ll do wonders for your recruitment success. Know when and how to put others in the driving seat.

Everyday a new tool, platform or approach comes to light. That’s great from a marketing viewpoint, but is can make things a little hazy when it comes to recruitment. Too many recruiters, employers and brands opt for the ‘more is more’ belief, a belief that in fact does a chunk of damage in the quality stakes. A really good recruitment marketer is a really rooted recruitment marketer. The ones that know that the culture should dictate the marketing approach, and not the other way around, are the keepers. Don’t be afraid to be ‘offbeat’ and unique, but do so in the realms of what makes you who you are.

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