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Awesome content, Audiences and Killer CTAs - Optimise your mobile social media ads like a boss

Posted: 12 October 2016

Enough flirting, it's time to commit to mobile. It's crazy to think there are still a huge amount of brands and companies that are still in the mobile advertising dark. Your potential candidates live, breathe, shop, job search, and everything else in between, online. And if that's where they are, that's where you need to be.

You don’t need to be a marketing mogul or mobile magician to really nail mobile social media advertising. It’s the same old principals we all know and love, just with way more potential to do great things for you and your brand. As long as you have a solid brand, a nice pot of content to hand and a healthy helping of time, you’re ready to roll.

Media and mobile moves fast so it’s not enough to just be online and posting ads. You need to stay on top of your optimisation game and keep finding new, on-brand ways to make your mobile ads continue to perform and engage. Take a step in the right optimisation direction with the help of these mobile s/m ad tips and tricks. It’s all about arming yourself with some strategic savvy, bold ideas and an expert grip of your brand big picture.

How to creating & curate mobile social media ads that do the business.

  • Nail the basics.

Clarity over clever is key. The mobile landscape is vast but you don’t need to go all flashy and expensive to attract attention or loyalty. The best social media ads are always super simple, very visual and CTA-focused. If you can avoid all the noise and get down to the nitty gritty of your brand/message, you’re winning. Some super valuable basics to nail are;

  • Use formatting well.

A good headline is a must whether you’re posting a blog, job ad or product news. Mobile advertising doesn’t afford you lot’s of time or space to really grab attention so use simple tricks like a solid headline to do the work.

  • Simple copy, bold visual.

It’s a winning pairing. You have literally a tiny window to attract, hold and direct your audience's’ attention so think simple. Let your brand values and personality lead the style way, and make sure your ad is clear and image-driven. Make sure your image is tailored to your ad’s purpose and falls in-sync with your overall marketing strategy.

  • Measure, measure, measure.

How do you know what works and what doesn’t if you don’t keep tabs on your ad’s performance? Don’t be scared to try new tools and tricks out but always be sure to measure and review how it went down.

  • Make sure your social profiles are 100%.

Audiences explore and move from one channel or medium to another. A consistent brand image is everything so make sure all your social media profiles are totally filled in, flowing with daily content and consistent.

  • It’s all about the user journey so think ahead.

It’s lazy and downright boring to just add your website link to your ads. Every mobile ad should be totally tailored to an audience and an aim. What do you want the ad to do? Maybe you want to inform your audience about a new product? Perhaps you want to sell a service? Or do you want to share insight into your culture? Whatever your aim, make sure your CTA (Call To Action) is catered to the overall experience. Why settle for your website link when you can create a dedicated landing page with relevant, mobile-friendly content? Think about what you want your user to do, share, think and feel. Mobile makes you accessible, but you need to make yourself memorable.

  • Build campaigns, not just solo ads.

The worst thing any marketer can do is create soulless, brandless adverts. It’s so easy to build and tap into an audience these days so why waste their attention and time on a lifeless, aimless ad. Social media advertising is quick and easy but that doesn't mean it has to be heartless. Think campaign, not just ad. Flesh out your big picture efforts and aims.

  • Become a content aficionado.

Mobile loves all types of content so you can’t afford to be hung up on your current content go-tos. Video in particular is a great way to easily and cheaply create a great experience while sharing valuable info. There’s loads of great social tools and opportunities to create impactful content so there’s no excuse. The higher quality your content is, the more sharable it becomes. If you can get users generating and sharing content you’ve hit marketing gold so take the time to build and work with great content.

No one can afford to sit on their hands and roll their eyes at mobile at anymore. If you want to create awareness and inspire engagement you need to rethink your ads. Too many folks go into mobile thinking that simply being on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and all that jazz is enough. It ain’t. Especially when it’s so easy to optimise your social media ads for mobile. It goes beyond tech and tricks, and stays rooted in good old fashioned engagement.

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