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How to Cope if you’re Unhappy in your Current Job

Posted: 15 November 2018

In an ideal situation, you’d be working flexible hours, getting a hefty salary, and love your boss and colleagues. But sometimes you may find yourself in a less-than-perfect scenario at work – being underpaid when you know you’re worth more, having a boss who makes your life miserable, snaky co-workers who would throw you under the bus if it meant shifting the blame from them – there are plenty of situations that can make you unhappy in your current role.

You may even have a job where you get on really well with your colleagues and boss, you’re well paid and get great benefits, yet find yourself restless and thinking ‘what the hell am I doing with my life?’. All this can be super frustrating and leave you feeling down, but sometimes you just need to shift your perspective to feel better – here’s a few tips to help you cope when you’re hating your job.

Seeing the bigger picture

Whatever situation you’re in right now, it doesn’t have to be permanent. The best position to be in as a job seeker is to already be employed – you have the security of a regular income to pay your bills, which means having the luxury of being choosy when it comes to looking for roles.

When you’re unemployed and desperately needing some form of income, you’re far more likely to accept a job that’s not a great fit for you, then end up miserable because of it. Job hunting whilst you’ve already got a job allows you to wait until you find a role you’re really keen on, meaning you’re far more likely to feel happy and fulfilled in a new role.

Take all you can from the experience

Whether good or bad, every experience has something to teach us. In going through challenging times, we learn more about ourselves and understand what we do and don’t want out of a job.

Though you may not be enjoying work, all your time spent there is valuable experience. Take any opportunity for training and developing your skills in your current role to give you an advantage when you go for your next job.

Be prepared for new opportunities

To make sure you’re in a strong position when you see a role that you’re interested in, regularly update your CV and LinkedIn profile with any new skills or experience you’ve gained.

Create a list of top companies that you’d like to work for, follow their social media pages, and keep an eye out for new positions. Some companies will take CVs speculatively without having current roles available, so it’s worth contacting them to ask if they do so, then they can keep you on file for future roles.

Embrace the uncomfortable

Accept that it’s OK if your current role is just a stopgap. See it for what it really is – another step on the path to your dream job. Let go of the need for everything in your life to be exactly how you want it to be, take the rough with the smooth, and you’ll find that you’re generally happier and more laid back about whatever life throws your way.

If you’re stuck in a job you hate, dreading the thought of going into work, don’t despair! Once you realise that it’s only a temporary situation, it becomes less of a monster and easier to bear. Use it as an experience to grow and develop, getting you closer to the job of your dreams.

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