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It's Time to Find Your Dream Job – 5 Steps to Job Search Success

Posted: 03 January 2018

With all the festivities out of the way, now is the ideal time to reflect on what you want to achieve for the new year. For many, this will be to get a new job. But if lashings of port and one-too-many mince pies has left you feeling a little lethargic, we’ve got just the remedy to refocus and get you back on track with these 5 steps to job search success.

1. Be clear about your intentions

  • What type of role, industry, and level of seniority are you aiming for?
  • What sort of lifestyle do you want from your job? Research companies that you’d like to work for to find out about their culture and working environment.
  • What are your motivations for wanting a new job? (more money, climbing career ladder, unemployed, work-life balance, training, career change)

2. Have the right tools to succeed

3. Knowing where to look for jobs

  • Sign-up with multiple recruitment agencies so they can help find suitable roles.
  • Post your CV on a variety of job boards, and set up email alerts for your job searches.
  • Check the career pages of companies’ websites and career microsites for new positions.
  • Harness the power of your personal and professional social media networks – like and follow companies’ pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Use the LinkedIn job search app to find jobs and set up job alerts.

4. Be proactive and set yourself achievable goals

5. 'Know Thyself'...

  • Knowing what you can offer employers is key to your success – what are your ‘Unique Selling Points’? Think about your core skills, personality traits, knowledge, experience, education, and what you’re passionate about.
  • It’s equally important to know your weaknesses as well as your strengths – what challenges have you faced, and how did you overcome them? Do you have any gaps in employment or a lack of experience in a certain area? Understanding your weak spots will help you to be prepared when it comes to being interviewed.

Follow these steps and you’ll be starting your job search from a strong position for 2018. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be giving you even more great advice to help you land a new job – look out for our ‘CV Surgery’ and ‘Interview Rescue’ features. 

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