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Recruitment today - How tech has changed its face and nature

Posted: 24 September 2014

Technology and the tools it brings to the party have changed recruitment forever. Whether you're a lover or hater, you can't be blind to what’s happening. Recruitment is about people, behaviours and the perfect match - all things that tech has influenced. As recruiters, we're all true to the principals of our industry but they are evolving. Tech isn't just improving how we recruit: it's redefining the very principals.

Before you get all nostalgic, let’s be practical. (tweet this) Recruitment 101 is be where the talent are and the great news is they are everywhere! With every new tool and trend comes a new opportunity so staying in the loop is just a new responsibility to embrace.

How do modern recruiters approach this tech-savvy recruitment age? A good start is to step back and look at how tech as changed the foundations of recruitment. When you get to grips with this, you’ll be swamped with apps, tricks and platforms galore to champion.

So, let’s meet some of the new principals in town...

Content is king.

What tech did - Made quality engagement a priority.

Recruiters need to dip their toes in many hiring ponds to give themselves the best possible chance to bag talent. They need to be marketers, researchers, strategists and content creators - the aspects of recruitment aren’t that cut and dry anymore. One thing that unites them all is content. We’re not just talking the odd tweet or blog post here, it’s about putting authentic, insightful and on-brand content out there for candidates to connect with. Many recruiters or marketers think that social media is content - it’s simply the platform. What you share with the world about who you are and what you offer is the real currency in recruitment.

Technology has pushed engagement to the top of the recruiter’s to-do list. More than being a short-term tactic to lure the best talent, content has been the only way to build and maintain meaningful, long-term relationships with candidates, competitors and the industry alike. Try and be true to what content actually is and not get lost in the million and one channels created to share it. Underpin everything you post, whether it’s a status update, Vine or podcast, with a message. Tech has given our messages a real power so don’t waste that opportunity.

Gathering & getting to grips with data.

What tech did - Changed how we collect and process info.

Gone are the days when a simple CV dropped off at the front desk was recruitment. These days it’s about finding the right match, rather than just a match. Tech has made us recruiters even more primed for that search, making sure we have our eye firmly fixed on quality as opposed to quantity. Yes the likes of social media are all about the masses and maximum reach but that’s only one part of the recruitment puzzle. Technology has enabled data to reign supreme. With application forms being designed around candidates, the basic function of this process has evolved from simple gathering to a multi-purpose experience.

The software and techniques used to collect and sort through information has created a quicker review process, resulting in more spot-on matches. Thanks to algorithms and keywords, recruiters don’t need to sieve through every resume with crossed fingers. They can spend their time more productively, something every recruiter longs for.

Less theory, more practice.

What tech did - Created opportunities to prove your mettle (and allowed recruiters to look beyond what’s on paper).

Recruitment used to put a lot of emphasis and faith in what was written on paper. Qualifications and experience are of course important but they are no indication of a good culture match. Technology and its social counterparts, allowed us recruiters to dig deeper and put these skills in context. Tech hasn’t only created chances for candidates to reach and collaborate, it has allowed recruiters a peek into just that. Say you’re a web developer. You can pop along or create your own problem solving workshop for fellow developers, solving real problems with real solutions. This is not only exhibiting great organisation and networking skills, it showcases a raw talent and flair for thinking outside the box. Also, recruiters can pop on social media and gauge the reaction of peers and influencers. This is a much desired skill in itself.

Reinstatement of authenticity.

What tech did - Enabled us to see the people behind the profiles.

The human touch is still very much alive in recruitment. Some could argue that social media and online autonomy make recruitment an increasingly dehumanised experience but it’s not the case. Tech has allowed recruiters to engage with the candidates that apply, seeing more than a name. Interests and passions are just as useful and interesting to recruiters. Company culture plays a massive part in selecting the right candidate and making that match is easier thanks to social media.

There’s a transparency and openness to recruitment that tech has created. And this has evened the playing field big time. Conversations form the basis of modern day recruitment and now we can take those to a global stage.

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