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The Power of Periscope - The Why and How of this Live Streaming wonder

Posted: 15 April 2015

Let's face it, these days we're bombarded with new apps, platforms, networks and all that jazz. However, every now and again an instant classic is launched that has the power to revolutionise business, engagement and all in between. Most of these successful business-affirming tools can take years to earn their stripes, Twitter took three years to become the powerhouse it is now. Two weeks ago an app exploded onto the scene that jumped straight to success status and looks set to keep movin' on up - Periscope.

At just two weeks old, Periscope has already been hailed a social wonder, been scooped up by Twitter for a neat $100m and has been put to the test by big brands such as DKNY and Red Bull. So yeah, it’s not doing too bad. Whether you’re a big brand, resourceful recruiter or clever candidate, Periscope looks set to be the awesome addition to the modern engagement arsenal.

We’re still in the honeymoon launch period but things are looking pretty great for the new app superstar as updates are already coming thick and fast and an iOS version has been announced to be in development. So can Periscope make a real impact on your marketing mission or engagement efforts? How can you use this nifty fella to tick your brand boxes?

The Periscope Why - What’s in it for me?

Before we get into the long list of reasons as to why you need to download Periscope right now, let’s get down to basics. So what exactly is Periscope? It’s a smartphone live-streaming app that allows you to share and watch real-time broadcasts. If you think it sounds familiar, you’d be right. The lesser known Meerkat had a similar premise but fell a little flat. And that’s something Twitter aimed to remedy with a speedy acquisition and development deal.

We all know content is king and the savvy creatives have crafted a bunch of handy tools and networks to quench our thirst - Medium ticked the blog box, Twitter took care of instant updates and Instagram ensured the photo said a thousand words. But the moving image (aka video) gap was still to be filled. And so Periscope was born.

As benefits go, there’s quite a list of both feature and general business wins. Here’s just a kickoff rundown.

  • Low cost, high engagement - Just download it and you’re set. With only time required to invest, you can get a massive payoff in terms of engagement. We’re talking direct, real time access to your audiences here folks. We’ve hit the jackpot.
  • Promote transparency – (Click To Tweet) As brand strategy goes, staying authentic and accessible is key. Periscope not only allows you to engage without barriers, it also invites your ‘viewers’ to really see what you’re all about. You can’t hide here.
  • Viral possibility – (Click To Tweet) Going viral is a modern outreach aim. Periscope allows you to get your brand word and offering out there in the most fun and engaging way possible.
  • Get closer to your audience - Not only can your viewers have 24/7 access to your brand via a fun and creative medium, Periscope also offers you a chance to utilise new engagement and communication tricks and techniques.
  • No wi-fi needed to broadcast - Yep, that speaks for itself.
  • Take the hoo-ha out of keeping a brand presence alive - It’s something we all have to keep up with and it can be costly and tiring coming up with new, creative ideas. Periscope enables you to broadcast everything and anything, so just point and film.
  • Twitter compatibility - Due to the recent partnership, Periscope is now handily aligned with Twitter action so you can sign up via Twitter, find friends via your Social Graph feature and even retweet live feeds as they happen.

We could go on and on but that gives you an idea of just a few of the reasons to get downloading now.

The Periscope How - Using this awesome app to get your brand buzzing.

So we imagine you’re pretty sold on the benefits and premise of this crazy useful app, now to move onto the meaty stuff. How can you use Periscope to aid in your direct marketing, build audience relationships and promote your company culture? Well, if you have the imagination there’s no stopping you.

  • Peeks and teasers - If you’re launching a new product, service or campaign, here’s the tool and time to build up some buzz for the launch. From unwrapping new product boxes to showing the new team developing new services, use videos to tempt and titillate your audiences.
  • Behind the scenes - Whether you’re filming a new ad or hosting a party, give your viewers an opportunity to be part of your special experience. Let them into the fold and invite them to see how you work, what’s coming up for you and what some of the company culture is.
  • Offers and contests - If you’re looking to push traffic to your site or social hangouts, create a Periscope vid to get word of an offer or contest out there. The more real and rugged your broadcast is, the more authentic your brand will come across. Get your team involved and let them take the engagement reins. Be sure to offer a clear, relevant CTA at the end of your broadcast.
  • Company culture gold - From the Friday Bake off to sharing your brainstorming sessions, Periscope is perfect for making your team your brand superstars. People relate to and remember people so let them, your office space and atmosphere take centre stage. Why opt for an office tour? Or broadcast birthday celebrations? Whatever you film, make sure you feature a range of company values and poster peeps.
  • Q&A heaven - Whether you’re offering industry advice or answering new product questions, these types of (Click To Tweet) Q&A sessions go a long way towards strengthening the brand/audience relationship. Make Periscope sessions a regular thing, hosting a range of sessions that you can advertise and promote.

As social hungry folks, we’re all looking for more ways to get our mitts on content galore. Not only is Periscope ridiculously accessible it is addictive to boot. And with more and more features being launched, things look rosy indeed. Of course, legal hoops and app abusers will need to be ironed out ensuring Periscope holds some heavy duty value. Get downloading, get broadcasting.

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