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The Royal Repurpose - Be the King of repurposing webinar content

Posted: 17 December 2014

Content really is a modern marketing currency. Loaded with branded meaning, everything from blogs to podcasts has the potential to attract, engage and further relationships. It's not good enough to crank out any old gumf and hope for the best, much to the dismay of many a marketer.

All clued up communicators strive to keep a steady stream of killer content on the go, not an easy task. At a time when the ‘to do’ list of any modern professional is ever increasing, the epic task of creating fab content everyday can be enough to tip even the best digital minds over the edge. Yep, we’ve had to learn a whole new set of skills - all hail the art of repurposing.

If you have some great content at your disposal, you’re all set. From a consumer study to an aged e-book, it’s all fit for a repurpose. There’s one particular source that can see you get a heap more bang for your buck - the webinar. Brimming with engagement, ideas and POVs, the webinar is a content goldmine, ripe for repurpose. So, what can you do with these goodies? How do you pick and polish up the stellar components to create something new and valuable?

How to repurpose a winning webinar - 7 ways to spin off success.

A whole lot of research and prep goes into creating a wonderful webinar. In addition to this, a crazy amount of feedback, questions and participation is drummed up. This is content heaven. When your webinar is complete and success is yours, don’t neglect the fountain of content that you have at your fingertips. Use it! Study what you have, select the golden nuggets and reformat them to create content anew.

1. Podcast perfection

Think of all that lovely audio. With a little editing and a nifty intro, your webinar can become a series of podcasts. Whether you opt for one, full length adventure or create a mini-collection of podcast episodes, this form of content is one of the most accessible going. Make sure you do some prep and hush out any flaws or hiccups before launching.

2. The famed Follow-up

If you’re webinar has been any good, your audience will be hungry for more. There'll be questions unanswered and insights to explore so don’t end the engagement hastily. Follow up blog posts or live Q&A sessions can be just as thriving as the webinar itself. Keep webinar hashtags alive and kicking by tuning into, and furthering, the conversation.

3. Tremendous testimonials

Don’t let all the buzz and reputation your webinar created die out. Use both the info generated and raving reviews to fuel your next event. Tap into your audience and ask attendees to offer some reviews and thoughts. Share these with folks who couldn’t make the webinar, or create a landing page hotspot filled with praise to promote future viewings.

4. Infographics & interviews

Be sure to make good use of info created before and after the webinar. Data is dynamite at nurturing audiences and engagement so try not to sit on it - share it! Tick the visual and share friendly box with stats, audience responses and step-by-step process guides, all wrapped up in a handy infographic. Not only do they urge social sharing but they are a branded opportunity to spread the love. Another solid content opp is to interview the webinar speaker post-event and pop it on YouTube. What did they learn? What additional sources can they share?

5. Transcriptions = downloads

Repurposing content is all about finding new ways to make content sing for your brand and audience. Well, transcribing ticks a few boxes. Not only can this script format offer you a chance to drive traffic to your site, via a download link, but it gifts you some SEO benefits too.

6. Where Q&As come to life

When it comes to webinars, Q&As are the holy grail. We all know user-generated content trumps all others so their questions, curiosities and feedback are invaluable. Q&As can become the foundation for several new forms of content. From creating a winning whitepaper full of insight to video coverage of the webinar’s original Q&A session, it all makes for some pretty awesome engagement.

7. Syndicate your content & build partnerships

Your webinar is a business asset capable of more than offering your audience killer content. Utilise the success of your webinar by teaming up with marketing partners and sharing the lead spoils. These partnerships go beyond a webinar so deal in with the great content you have to hand.

Let’s clear some things up. Repurposing is not a lazy response to a growing need for content. And no, it doesn’t mean tirelessly repeating your greatest content hits. Repurposing is all about re-looking at a wealth of content and finding new ways to make it accessible, sharable and engaging. It’s not all about saving time and cash; it’s about uncovering fresh content for consumption along the way, and jeez, there’s loads of it waiting to be unwrapped.

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