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The Twelve Apps to Marketing Heaven - Download and conquer

Posted: 03 June 2015

Marketers today have more than just a few plates to spin. Their role keeps evolving at the speed of light and tech continues to become synonymous with engagement, content, networking and everything in between. Yep, these modern day masters of multitasking need to be pretty resilient and adaptable. Yes their job responsibilities are in a state of flux but so too is their resource toolbox. Marketers have an ever growing pot of tools to choose from, all designed to make their job easier and more impactful.

Today’s army of apps can give marketers that much needed edge. Knowledge is power folks and competition for the good stuff is rife. Whether you’re looking to advocate employees, distribute content like a pro, manage your social channels or source the trending topics, chances are there is more than a few apps for that. The market it spilling over with apps of all shapes and sizes, and in this mass of hoo-haa it can be tough to know which ones to download and which ones to ditch. Well, I’ve cut through the noise and brought you a golden dozen of marketing must-have apps. You’re welcome.

Get your downloading digits primed - The Golden Dozen.

1. Buffer.

Great for - Content distribution.

Buffer has defo earned its stripes. Now classed as one of the top apps going for marketers and beyond, Buffer helps you manage one of the most important/manic tasks marketers come up against - publishing and managing your social presence. Schedule posts and post across your channels with one click. Not bad at all.

2. SproutSocial.

Great for - Social media management.

SproutSocial enables you to schedule, publish and analyse your social postings, all from one window. It’s so handy as it moves with the needs of the modern marketer, allowing you to shorten links, attach photos easily and target your social efforts based on what’s trending. It’s Content Calendar trumps its social management competitors hands down.

3. Mention.

Great for - Social listening.

Mention helps you find and follow up with digital mentions all over the web, from blog posts to  social media updates. It also ensures that your keywords are monitored and that you’re kept in the loop with their mentions. Super handy.

4. Drip.

Great for - Email marketing.

Email marketing is here to stay but it can be a time-consuming endeavor if you don’t have the right tools in place. Drip takes care of your personalised, automated email marketing needs. It ‘drips’ the right info to your audience at the right time, based on the unique actions that the user makes. It’s crazy useful and makes sure those leads are converting and that the flow of info never stops, not matter how busy you are.

5. MailChimp.

Great for - Email newsletters.

Chances are you’re already using MailChimp, if not why? Newsletters have stood the test of time remarkably well and in part that’s due to apps like MailChimp that help you gather content and push out newsletters so easily. Keep all your subscriber contacts in one place and tap into that unique insight when you need it. Set time slots, personalisation preferences and even grow your subscriber list based on interest.

6. Nimble.

Great for - Managing contacts.

Nimble is a super-powerful contacts manager that integrates seamlessly with the social profiles of each of your contacts. Stay connected to your network, and grow your following on your social accounts by syncing your contacts with this nifty app.

7. Trello.

Great for - Collaboration / project management.

Trello allows you to keep all your project notes and ideas in one place. Use it yourself for organising ideas, creating to-dos or saving lists. Or make it a team-wide tool and share all your project details, it’s ideal for collaboration to create and track tasks. Regardless of how you use it, just makes sure you have it on your phone today.

8. Aviary.

Great for - Image creation.

We all know the massive role that Instagram plays in our social shenanigans. Well, Aviary is ideal for making sure all your photos are fabulously filtered and framed in seconds. Bursting with touch up tools and stickers, it’s a crazy useful app that allows you to give all your photos the premier treatment before they get posted.

9. Feedly.

Great for - News and link discovery.

Feedly is the go-to app for subscribing to RSS feeds and discovering new content to share on social media. It integrates with all the same great apps as the web version (like Pocket and Buffer), and it’s booming with savvy features, like double tapping to close stories, that makes sharing content so much easier and enjoyable. If you’re serious about content, you need this app.

10. AnalyticsApp.

Great for - Assessing your analytics.

This app gives you instant, mobile access to your Google analytics, so yeah, it’s power in your pocket. Keep a constant eye on your site stats, keyword mentions, page views, bounce rate and more. It’s easy to use and read dashboard is ideal for quick review, and its 55 types of reports give you insight galore on the move.

11. Evernote.

Great for - Productivity.

If you’re looking for an app for note-taking and remembering, you’ve just found it. Create all-encompassing to do lists and share your notes with others with one click. The mobile app makes it easy for you to gather and share anything and everything you see from images to project text. Notes just got nifty.

12. Ubersocial.

Great for - Social networking.

UberSocial will keep you up-to-date while you're on-the-go, offering fast functionality, curated content, customisation options, and a more user-friendly Twitter experience. Schedule your posts, live preview your posts and have all your functionality at your fingertips thanks to the UberBar feature. In short, Tweeting never looked like such an easy artform.

A great app can revolutionise your marketing activity and become your best pal. What’s trending? How are audiences responding to my messages? What does today’s best practice look like? Your family of apps can give you 24/7 access to the info and ideas that can sway the very foundations of your marketing strategy so ignore at your own peril.

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