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Today's guide to Mobile Recruiting - Tips, trends and what's next?

Posted: 10 September 2014

Love it or hate it, the need to 'go mobile' ain't going anywhere. If you've taken heed, well done you, if not, what will it take? You only need to look at some recent fact and figures to see that ignoring mobile is just like ignoring candidates.

Mobile by nature is always changing and developing. We can’t turn our back on technology, we need to roll with it. The best and only way to create a more mobile-friendly recruitment experience is to track trends and keep a keen eye on;

  • How and when candidates search and apply.
  • What matters to them and their experience.
  • How tech can make this process easier, faster and more engaged.
  • The tools and disciplines we can team with mobile to create a more consistent journey.
  • How being mobile-savvy and friendly can be a branding bonus.

So, let’s talk truths and trends. Maybe you’re the lone voice in your company, struggling to get mobile’s benefits heard or perhaps you’re looking for new ways to make your recruitment process mobile?

The truths - Mobile recruitment laid bare.

There’s no reason why mobile shouldn't be a top priority. Making that room in the budget is as essential as maintaining a social presence online - it’s all about creating a more effective, meaningful candidate experience. We all get bombarded with lists upon lists of reasons and benefits, here’s some no frills facts to keep you straight.

#1 - Social professional networks are the top sources of quality hires.

This means you need to be mobile. Simple as. Mobile and social go hand in hand and neglecting the habits and behaviours of job seekers will cost you. The likes of LinkedIn has its own list of features that make recruitment a quality-filled process. InMail and recommendations make research and communication a breeze, two of the most time consuming elements of recruitment.

#2 - Mobile recruitment ticks passive and active candidate boxes.

Candidates aren’t just job hungry searchers. They browse and explore whether they're in the market for a new job or not. Dismissing mobile means you’re missing out on that integral period. If they use their phones or tablets to browse, you need to cater to that.

#3 - Candidates abandon non-mobile friendly careers sites.

This point speaks for itself. There’s nothing more frustrating than a great brand or position being followed by a cumbersome career site or application process. People search on the move so they should be able to apply on the move. Candidates judge you on first impressions and if you offer a bad one, chances are you won’t get a second chance. Failing to have a mobile-friendly site or experience will only urge one thing - clicking off.

Learning from the trends - What’s new in mobile and how can I adapt?

Making your career site or candidate experience mobile-friendly is about more than tech and tablets. Using mobile to find better, innovative ways to improve the recruitment experience is what it’s all about. Think outside the tech box while remaining loyal to the principles of good recruitment.

  • Make it easy for recommendations to be communicated - Recommendations are one of the most relied upon recruitment resources. Making sure your site encourages and facilitates the sharing of recommendations will be an invaluable addition to the entire recruitment process. Take a leaf out of LinkedIn’s book.
  • Input a ‘Save CV’ function - This is a bug bear of every candidate out there. Having to continually upload your CV again and again and again makes for an awful candidate experience. Offering them a ‘Save CV’ function means they can apply on the go, leading to more applications and a greater mobile experience.
  • Opt for responsive UX - A responsive design might cost a little more initially but it will save you money in the long run. Go full hog and make sure that your career site and experience performs consistently across desktop, tablets and mobiles.
  • Allow candidates to apply via LinkedIn - This not only makes the application process easier, it says a lot about your brand. An affiliation with trends and tech is a blog company culture plus point.
  • Include better content on your career site - Your career site needs to be more than just a job board. The nature of mobile and browsing calls for quality content that can be shared and engaged with. Include the likes of staff profiles, company history, description of company culture and benefits info to give candidates everything they need to say YES!

If recruitment 101 is ‘be where the talent is’, then why are so many brands or recruiters failing to do just that? Times and methods are a changin but the principles never do.

Mobile recruitment is all about shaping the candidate experience around modern behaviours and habits. It’s at the heart of modern recruitment and is the perfect bedfellow to tech and social media. This really is a perfect partnership, one that doesn’t come around very often and can’t be ignored.

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