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Winning Pinning - How to bring your Employer Brand to life on Pinterest

Posted: 23 March 2016

We're pretty much spoilt for social choice when it comes to getting Employer Brands out into the world. Each platform offers employers a super special chance to tap into their value and appeal in a bunch of wonderful ways. And boy what a difference it makes. But there’s one very visual, uber cool little chap that’s rising up the social ranks - Pinterest.

It might not be your first go-to social platform when it comes to Employer Branding but it is more than smashing it in the culture stakes. We all know content is the key to EB success and visual tops the impact charts. So, what can you do with Pinterest? Can those little boards really bring your EB to life? Yep, and here’s how.

Eight Pinterest boards that can tell your Employer Brand story.

If you’re a newbie to Pinterest, we’ll break it down for you. It’s a visual pinboard platform where users can ‘pin’ links, images, videos, all types of content to their own family of boards. It’s about creating a unique collection of inspirations and information that you can access and share as you like. It’s super easy to use and aligns perfectly with the visual nature of modern candidates.

You can create as many dedicated boards as you’d like and fill them with content galore, links aplenty and even some SEO to boot. Here’s just a few board ideas that are EB-friendly and guaranteed to drum up engagement by the bucket load.

1. Jobs board.

A familiar term but with a special little twist. Let’s face it, the noble job ad could do with a little pep up and Pinterest gives you exactly that. Create a jobs board that pulls together all your recent positions in a vibrantly visual and on-brand way. Pair positions with relevant images, always being sure to feature a short and snappy job description followed by a clear link to your career site.

2. Meet the team.

Culture is the key. Nothing brings your work/life balance and office antics to life more than a Pinterest board full of employee-generated snaps and insights. Create an on-brand theme and feature each member of the team with a snappy bio. One team, one board.

3. Corporate Responsibility board.

How a company works and what it represents is so important to potential employees. A board dedicated to your environmental beliefs and commercial practices wins you culture points and then some. Make sure you keep a steady stream of this content coming, it can be the first board to suffer from content neglect so play with fresh ways to bring your initiatives to life.

4. Day in the life board.

Don’t just read about what office life is like, see what you could experience every day. Whether it’s a peek into a brainstorming session or an intro to the team’s dogs, mix up the content you deliver to give Pinners a real look into your culture and how it translates into everyday life.

5. Company history board.

Jazz up your heritage and humble beginning thanks to this board. Bring together old and new representations of the brand/business, representing your company’s heritage in exciting relevant ways. From a visual flipbook of your logos to manifestos and CEO accounts, tell your story in your own way.

6. Hiring process board.

Your candidate experience is all about the ease and engagement of your hiring process. Take any doubts or worries out of the equation by dedicating a board to the experience any new candidates will be privy to. A colourful infographic, explanatory video or Q&A session with the HR department could shed friendly light on a not so favourited process.

7. Event / Party board.

Seasonal and cultural company events can help showcase the character and ethos of a business. Dedicating a board to these professional and personal events can show off different sides of your company. From career fairs to staff birthday parties, give audiences a proper look at what makes you a quality employer and champion of staff wellbeing.

8. Career advice board.

If you can be a resource, you can be invaluable. Creating a career advice board makes you a thought leader, an expert sharer who truly cares about the wellbeing of your future employees and their journey. Don’t be tempted to go all text when it comes to your board, opt for infographics and employee video clips to bring your expert insight to human life.

A whole new visual world of EB and storytelling possibility awaits. Armed with a killer message and a pot full of varied content, you can nail (or Pin) the Pinterest appeal and ensure your EB takes on a life of its own.

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