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Simulating stimulating interaction

Our Chatbot is very different from the ‘chat’ interface you may be familiar with through customer service or online shopping.

It’s actually automated, Intelligent self-learning AI.

Recent findings show that 61% of consumers feel that having chatbots in customer service is the way of the future, while 70% of millennials report positive experiences with them. Our 9am Chatbot is always ‘on’ to give tailored answers to (often basic) questions from candidates, providing a more positive experience. Meanwhile it learns from the conversations it has - even local dialects or nuances - to help with your future recruitment.

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Candidates are increasingly familiar with AI across social media and web. So they won’t be surprised by giving their initial application details via Chatbot - in fact, it’s more likely to lead to honest and open answers.

And it helps streamline the initial contact, filtering applicants by suitability before a recruiter even gets involved, without human members of staff getting involved. Instead, it answers candidates’ questions at any time of day or night, recording contact details and enquiries for future use.

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What we do

Chatbot can be used across the whole recruitment sector, from career sites and landing pages to Facebook Messenger and across social media, direct from QR codes or in response to a candidate sending a text to a response number, or even using NFC technology. You name it!

It can encourage the candidate to apply there and then, help upload CVs and covering letters, and drive them to find out more and apply on a career site. And it records all interactions making it easier to respond to candidate drop-off and gather a better talent pool.


Does it work?

On average in the UK each year over 80% of candidates visiting a career site won’t convert to applications. Some will be ‘active’ and looking for information - benefits, location, or timescales - while passive candidates will need more persuading; with our 9am Chatbot you can actively work in both groups.

You’ll save time and money by not having to interact with every candidate from the outset - especially if they’re unlikely to convert; and it encourages engagement from candidates who might otherwise give up if they don’t get immediate answers.


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