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Defining (and refining) your EVP

It’s in your DNA

Every business needs a well-understood, well-defined, well-aligned Employee Value Proposition. The EVP is what an organisation offers every member of its staff in return for the skills, capabilities and experiences they all bring.

It is in the very DNA of your Employer Brand.

A well-defined, clearly-articulated EVP does many things. It connects people, increasing emotional contact. It’s beautiful! It builds your brand, and commitment among employees. It reinforces a competitive edge that is hard for competitors to imitate, and it grows employee referrals.

Uniquely among Employer Branding experts, we offer a deeper consultancy service following our EVP review, focused on optimising your organisational health, making sure the culture is completely understood and supported internally, up and down the line.

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You can't invent an EVP, it must come from within. It is the reason a candidate will recognise your culture and aims, and whether their future aligns with that of your entire workforce. And there’s an actual financial impact connected with your good - or bad - EVP.

Employees, including senior management, who are not intrinsically aligned with the Employer Brand may become disruptive, and either leave, or will become irritating to the smooth running of the organisation.

So it’s vital you get this right.

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What we do

Our process is comprehensive, and we’d love to take you through the steps in detail, in person - your place or ours.

But the top line is that we take this on from the first health check with senior management and stakeholders, before turning to a HR focus group. Wider 360-degree surveys are then used producing reviews and reports outlining both external and internal candidate perception. Combing this with employee focus groups gives you the complete picture.

So, that’s start to finish across the EVP lifecycle.

Then you’ll have the blueprint to establishing your Employer Brand, with examples of how to use this - creative, key messaging, tone of voice guidelines and a strategy and attraction plan for the future.

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Does it work?

Your EVP becomes part of your wider employer brand, communicated throughout the whole recruitment lifecycle via so many routes - from attraction, recruitment and selection, right through to reward and recognition. We show you how to flex and communicate this every step of the way.

It feeds into everything you say, from the first short job ad through all candidate emails, every page of content and every interview follow-up message - right through to onboarding and beyond. Ensuring loyal and productive employees who stay with you through thick and thin and become your greatest advocates and referrers.


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