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19th Brands are Scoring Big Content

We’re all gearing up for two of the most anticipated sporting events – the Olympics and the UEFA European Championship (Euros). These events aren't just a celebration of athletic prowess – they are a golden opportunity for brands to shine on a global stage. With millions of eyes glued to screens worldwide, the potential for brands to make a significant impact is immense. Here’s why these events are the ultimate platform for boosting brand visibility and engagement.

The global reach of the Olympics

The Olympics is the epitome of sporting excellence, bringing together athletes and spectators from every corner of the globe. The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, despite pandemic challenges, captivated over 3 billion viewers. This phenomenal reach underscores the Olympics' unique ability to provide brands with a vast, engaged audience.

The Olympics guarantee an unparalleled number of viewers, offering brands a chance to connect with a vast audience in a short period. The global appeal of the Olympics means brands can engage with diverse age groups, cultures, and economic backgrounds. Aligning with the Olympics enhances a brand's image, linking it with values of excellence, perseverance, and global unity.

The excitement of the Euros

The Euros is another major event that captures the hearts of millions. Currently taking place in Germany, the tournament showcases Europe’s finest football talent. The 2021 Euros final alone drew over 300 million viewers, highlighting the event's massive appeal.

Football fans are incredibly passionate and loyal, making them highly engaged viewers. The Euros provide an excellent opportunity for brands to reach dedicated football enthusiasts, a demographic known for its enthusiasm and spending power. The excitement surrounding the Euros is perfect for launching dynamic, event-driven marketing campaigns, offering brands the chance to captivate their audience with timely promotions and offers.

What about engaging internally?

Sporting events like the Olympics and the Euros present not only a prime opportunity for brands to engage with a global audience but also a unique chance to energise and involve their employees.

How about organising friendly matches or internal sports tournaments in sports like football, basketball or even table tennis? Some friendly competition never hurt anyone. Hosting casual viewing parties for key matches could also be a blast – set up a big screen, lay out snacks and transform your office into a stadium. Another idea could be to organise themed lunches where everyone can indulge in international dishes from countries playing that day. Plus, capturing these moments and sharing them on social media for some extra content and engagement.

The upcoming Olympics and the Euros are more than just sporting spectacles; they are unparalleled opportunities for brands to reach a global audience and create lasting impressions. By strategically leveraging these events, brands can elevate their visibility, engage with passionate fans and drive substantial growth and success. As the world prepares to celebrate athletic excellence and football fervour, brands that seize this moment will undoubtedly emerge victorious in the competitive landscape of marketing and advertising.

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