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Employer branding

We specialise in employer branding and candidate marketing communications. In a nutshell, we come up with new and exciting ways to attract top talent to your business. It's as simple or complex as that!


Employer branding's in our DNA...

Your business deserves more!

We say that to all our clients... and it’s true. Businesses thrive on talent. Why is it that some companies keep going from strength-to-strength? Because they attract great people. How do they do that? With a standout employer brand: one that tells the world why people love working for them.

A good employer brand should do several things: validate why people love working for you, explain how values are key to your business’ success, support your strategy, and draw attention to how talented people progress in a positive environment.

We’ll help you communicate all of this and give you the perfect candidate attraction solution. Our core services include...

  • Content Marketing
  • Career Microsite
  • Media Buying
  • Radio and TV Advertising
  • Online Job Board Data Analysis
  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Social Media Campaigns
"Yet *another* glowing client testimonial! Full of praise and endlessly flattering statements about how our entire business has changed -- yada yada yada. None of that here. Not that we don’t have satisfied clients (we do!), we’d just rather give you the full picture. You can’t do that in a quote. Drop us a line and we can talk through how we’ve changed candidate attraction -- for banks, law firms, healthcare companies, retailers, and even car manufacturers."

Mark Bevans – FOUNDER, We Love 9am

Be Bold, Be Direct, Be You – How to Conquer the Social Media Job Search

Be Bold, Be Direct, Be You – How to Conquer the Social Media Job Search

We all know that taking your job search to the social sphere is a no-brainer. Employers are there, cultures are showcased, and insight is plentiful. With all this vast opportunity and scope for engagement it can be even tougher to know where to focus and how to use this expansive media to your advantage. It’s just as much about technique as tools, so you don’t go into your search believing that being everywhere and everything to everyone is the best strategy.

It all boils down to the fact that businesses and employers are using their social media to find you – the candidate. They know how to utilise and maximise themselves for social, and they expect candidates to do the same. So, if your social search is stunted or maybe you’re just starting out in the social stakes, it always pays to stray away from the norm and take this search by the horns.

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Just add data… BOOM!

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Communicating your employer brand is one thing, but bolt-on our 500k-strong candidate survey data, flanked by the *massive* pool of analytical data from our partner LogicMelon, and you have a powerful picture of today's talent pool.

With our powers combined, we provide a full 360-degree candidate attraction service!

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