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It’s only polite – job etiquette

27th Job etiquette Content

We’re British, we’re known for queuing, saying please and thank you and apologising (even when we’ve not done anything wrong). They’re manners. So why is it that when it comes to jobs applying for jobs we don't get the same treatment?

Lately, platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed have become virtual watercoolers where job seekers gather to share their experiences – both the good and the bad. Ghosting candidates, ignoring the need for feedback, and inviting people for interviews only to give them the cold shoulder afterwards have become all too familiar.

Let's talk about ghosting

Not the spooky kind, but the digital disappearing act that leaves candidates hanging. You pour your heart and soul into an application, hit send and then... crickets. No response, no acknowledgement, just radio silence. It’s not exactly a confidence booster.

Don’t forget the lack of feedback

You spend hours crafting your CV, honing your cover letter and prepping for interviews, all in the hopes of landing that dream job. But when the rejection email finally arrives, it's nothing more than a letter that offers about as much insight as a fortune cookie. Where's the constructive criticism? The helpful pointers for improvement?

Plus misleading interviews

You know the ones – where they invite you in, wine and dine you with promises of opportunity, only to drop you saying your experience isn’t right – something they’d have known before offering you the interview.

Bring back the humanity

That means treating candidates with the respect and decency they deserve – acknowledging their efforts, offering constructive feedback and being transparent every step of the way. Because let's face it, behind every CV and cover letter is a real person with real dreams and aspirations.

In the end, it's not just about manners – it's about empathy and respect. So let's bring back courtesy to job applications, one heartfelt interaction at a time. After all, in a world where kindness costs nothing, there's no excuse for rudeness.

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