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Welcome to the Fediverse

Welcome to the Fediverse Content

It’s fair to say we all have a love/hate relationship with social media. I mean, sure, we all love to post our most photogenic meals on Instagram, but don’t we also hate that feeling of jumping through hoops?

It’s the same for employers. If you take employer branding seriously, you’ll know that social media is the best way to target passive candidates who might not be actively looking for a job.

But launching and maintaining a show-stopping social campaign across multiple platforms? That’s hard work.

Well, thankfully, something’s happening in the world of social media that’s going to change the way we use it for good.

If you were one of the 100 million who instantly signed up for Threads when it launched, you might have noticed a little nod to something called the ‘Fediverse’.

Is this just a new Zuckerbergism?

Well, in a way, yes. But unlike some of the other sound bites we’ve heard from Silicon Valley in the last few years, you might want to take notice of this one.

So what is the Fediverse?

Well, first let’s talk a bit about Meta. We all know it encompasses the big boys: Facebook, Instagram, and now Twitter-rival Threads. Regardless of your generation, these platforms have shaped the way we connect and share – and the way we recruit.

Well, the Fediverse takes things a step further. In fact, as its name suggests, it goes beyond the confines of a single platform to a sort of wider galaxy of social media. I guess you could call it a ‘decentralised social media experience’.

If you like.

And it empowers users like never before.

How? Well, it allows users to tailor and control their social media experience. It lets them view – and post – content across multiple platforms as if it were on one site, giving them a lot more freedom about how they share their stuff.

Ok. So what’s the big deal?

Well, think about how that affects you as an employer for a minute. Imagine being able to post a job role simultaneously across multiple platforms with just a few clicks.

That’s a game changer for employer branding, because it not only saves time and effort, but it extends the reach of your job ad to a broader (and more diverse) pool of talent.

What else?

Well, here’s where it gets interesting. The fact that the Fediverse is decentralised means that employers can get a deeper understanding of user behaviour across various platforms. And we all know what that means…

Yep. Retargeting.

By knowing how users behave across platforms, you can tailor your job ads to specific audiences, generations, industries and behaviours. All this makes sure you reach the right candidates at the right time – and time and time again.

Now that’s finding out where the best talent lives.

It goes without saying that this level of targeting can lead to higher conversion rates and increased engagement from the potential candidates who share your values. And that means you’re more likely to hire the person you want.

Of course, all this needs to be done ethically and with privacy in mind. But gone are the days of casting a wide net and hoping for the best. The Fediverse gives you the knowledge to make informed decisions about your branding and recruitment strategies, make more meaningful connections and build a stronger employer brand.

But that’s not all…

Oh yeah, there’s more: the Fediverse isn’t just great for you – it’s great for your candidates, too. Let’s face it, in the war for talent you need to be thinking about candidate experience more than ever, and the Fediverse lets you do just that.

By showing candidates a full 360 of your company across multiple platforms you’ll encourage more open conversations, allow knowledge sharing and create collaboration. Before you’ve even hired them.

In other words, the Fediverse allows potential candidates to get a better sense of what it’s actually like to work for you.

But watch out: if your culture and values aren’t up to scratch, your inauthenticity will stick right out. Candidates are making informed decisions about where they want to work these days. So do the work.

So it’s official: the Fediverse is shaking up the world of employer branding. It will let you expand your reach, refine your targeting and really understand your audience. And with more control over their social media experience, potential candidates can engage with your employer brand on their own terms, creating a win-win situation for you and the talent you’re looking for.

The Fediverse is the future.

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