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Becoming the boss

Deliverwize was trying to find more multi-drop delivery drivers at a time when there was a fair bit of negative press around delivery drivers generally, about conditions and pressure and having to meet unrealistic targets.

And a lot of competition out there for those drivers.

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We needed to establish and then hero the benefits of self-employment for this last-mile delivery service - that’s delivering direct to homes and businesses, on the ground from depots.

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What we did

Once we understood the reasons for applying for a position we realised this was going to be a walk in the park - candidates didn’t even have to own their van!

Employees could lease a van from Deliverwize’s van hire partner, and all the parcels were packed for them, and routed on a pre-filled PDA scanner. So drivers could get straight on with the day - just get up and go!

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Did it work?

Our social campaign focused on how easy the transition to self-employment was going to be - drivers could start building their own business from the get-go.

So we concentrated minds on the stand-out benefits - getting paid weekly, the flexible hours that came with being your own boss, and the back office support that comes with being part of a network of similar colleagues facing the same daily challenges. There was even help available with bookkeeping and other paperwork if it was needed, to ease them into delivering from the first parcel.

We reinforced these messages again and again, until bingo, the applications became a steady flow…


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Self employed delivery drivers...

Seriously you'd have to get up a lot earlier in the morning to challenge us on this one.

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