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Spectators need not apply!

Prodrive is an extraordinary motorsports technology business, working across the extreme performance automotive, aerospace and marine worlds.

Their engineers overcome technical challenges for their clients, from racing yachts to hybrid vehicles, working with the next generation of commercial jet engines, across niche elements such as component design, paint innovation, event engineering and bespoke clothing for global brands.

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The company is driven by a passion for perfection, for speed, for precision engineering. And they needed to fill roles from specialist engineers to future specialists to join their apprenticeship programmes.

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What we did

There will always be young people excited by the idea of working with fast cars in a glamorous industry. But Prodrive had made it clear they weren’t interested in either boy racers or spectators - their mission is all about bringing great, questioning minds together to find solutions for high-tech challenges. They didn’t want anyone who thought this was going to be easy.

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Did it work?

Our career site showed clearly and calmly the benefits candidates could expect to find at Prodrive, over and above the obvious - the fun, the perks, the ongoing development - as well as the teamwork and camaraderie they could look forward to as part of such an exciting company.

We split their careers into four sections, scattered through them the enticing client names whose projects they’d be working on, and left Prodrive with the ability to capture browsers’ data so that, even if they had no immediate role for them, they could approach them in the future.


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    of candidates offered roles now come from the career site
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    82% reduction in recruitment advertising
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    of the website applications goes through the career site

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