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Talking for a living

Attracting Customer Experience Advisors for Sky contact centres across the UK was a challenge we relished; but there was a bucket-load of competition for these smooth-talking candidates.

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We had to make Sky’s jobs stand out from other similar roles advertising to the same candidates. We needed to get them talked about - the employer on everyone’s lips.

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What we did

We hit every avenue possible to promote the excitement, the team buzz, the amazing training, the flexible working, to anyone we knew was interested in talking for a living. Oh, and we bigged-up the perks. Like, to make sure you knew exactly what you were talking to customers about - your job came with free SkyQ, phone and broadband.

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Did it work?

You betcha! Before they’d even finished their morning coffee, we’d hit anyone working for every competitor within a thirty-mile radius with our social campaign. Which also targeted anyone showing an interest in similar roles – telesales, customer service, anything where people talked to strangers for a living.

Our eye-candy career video and landing pages showed their future colleagues having fun, and buzzing about all the teamwork and training.

Talk about results!


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