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Our 'do you wish' campaign...

...changing candidate perception

Jewish Care’s a massive charity doing great work, caring for 10,000 Jewish people every week, and with a genuinely passionate, loyal workforce - but they were struggling to recruit. Why?

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Candidate surveys showed us that 70% had just assumed their religion - or in many cases lack of it - would be an issue.

So we had to find a way to make sure amazing candidates saw beyond that word ‘Jewish’.

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What we did

We were rocked on our heels by the passion the staff showed in the survey - it read like a wish-list for the perfect employer.

All this genuine emotion (we saw real tears!) led to our award-winning ‘Do You Wish..?’ career site, championing the great Employer Brand - and making sure candidates knew that religion had absolutely no effect on their application.

We completely lost reference to ‘Jewish Care’ in the main text, and instead ran ‘Do You Wish..?’ messaging - ‘Do You Wish…you had one of the best jobs in care?’

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Did it work?

The ‘Do You Wish’ campaign completely flipped the earlier results on their head. There was a phenomenal change in candidate perception.

Not only did you not have to be Jewish to work there, you’d be working for an amazing, supportive organisation alongside engaged and passionate employees.


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    of candidates offered roles now come from career site
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    of talent pool candidate perception changed toward brand
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    reduction in job board advertising spend
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And top spot for WeLove9am in the Employer Brand Management awards with 2 Golds

Changing candidate perception...

...and increasing employee tenure is simply what we are all about.

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