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Everest is indisputably a household name, improving more than 2 million homes over the last half century.

But they now struggled to recruit enough sales staff and installers, right across the country. They needed a serious shake-up in the career site department.

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There’d been decades of home improvement programmes on TV. So now people thought anyone could bang together cheap, quickie house makeovers for half-nothing.

On top of which, double glazing had traditionally suffered from a bit of a dodgy rep over the years - they were even making TV programmes lambasting 1980s Essex Boy double glazing salesmen, with episodes like ‘Smell the Weakness’ and ‘Salesmen are Like Vampires’.

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What we did

This was a passionate company with a long history. And their existing website wasn’t fully explaining their culture - which we identified as a family business, offering the best products from the best teams.

When we spoke direct to employees, they shared amazing stories of how their careers had gone from zero to hero, thanks to the support and training they enjoyed.

And, frankly, even we were feeling a little bit envious at 9am Towers when we saw the perks on offer. So we knew our career site needed to articulate the stand-out reasons for candidates to become part of this amazing company.

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Did it work?

We realised the most exciting thing for employees was being part of something. So our career site made candidates fully aware of the culture they’d be becoming part of.

We focused on ‘Become’ and ‘Be’ as animated headlines - ‘Become the best’ became ‘Be part of our family’. We explained how they could be qualified, inspired, respected, and ‘like John’ - as a way to introduce those all-important case studies..

.. and an important part was being rewarded. There were great starting salaries on offer, plus bonuses on top, and the leads were pre-qualified by the head office team. As for those perks ..!


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