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Own your own hours

Reassuring the self-employed

Nearly half a century dressing windows for millions of happy customers. Not a bad record in anyone’s book!

But Hillarys struggled to fill self-employed design and installation roles - candidates were nervous about self-employment - all that cold-calling, and lack of job security.

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Our mission was to define the Hillarys employer ‘WHY’, and get candidates to understand what current employees liked about their jobs - which it turned out was a whole heap of goodness.

Hillarys social campaign

What we did

Sales staff raved about choosing their own hours, and being able to set their own targets for earnings.

And the back-office support..! Head Office spent literally millions every year on marketing and setting up appointments, so new starters’ businesses could be a success out of the blocks.

So we analysed all that data, and our formula powered interactive sliders to show - genuine - potential earnings based on hours.

What’s that? You can only work ten hours a week? No problemo! Set the slider to 10, and see what you could earn - oh, and here’s a video case study from a happy someone who’s done just that and earns a packet.

Bingo! The ‘Own Your Own Hours’ campaign bigged up that flexibility, the freedom to be your own boss, the award-winning training and HQ support and provided the reassurance of moving from salary to self-employment - but as part of a massive business that enjoyed great consumer perception.

Hillarys own your own hours

Did it work?

Done deal! Our geo-targeted social media drove back-to-work parents, flexi workers and candidates who’d shown any interest in self-employment back to the ‘Own Your Own Hours’ campaign, to find out more, and hit that all-important ‘apply’.


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Social campaigns are one thing.

But a great concept is what you really need...

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