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Programmatic software

The future of job board advertising

Most clients give us a brief about how many positions they’re looking to fill, at what level, where their budget stands… In other words, the basic end-game.

But once your campaign hits the job boards, the control is out of your hands. You won’t know what you’ll spend until you finish your campaign.

But we’ve got the solution: our bespoke in-house, cloud based programmatic software (we call it ‘Seldon’) gives you back your control, saving you both time and money.

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Programmatic makes ad buying on jobs PPC boards like Indeed and others, the most efficient and cost-effective it can be.

Here’s the really clever bit.

You set your own parameters, your cut-off targets - spend, clicks, green flags, applications, whatever the pre-set goals you decide.

And the moment you hit those, the system instantly re-allocates the rest of your ad budget. Maybe to a different role, a different location, or back into your kitty.

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What we do

This system is truly groundbreaking! It gives you complete control, with real-time overview, of your recruitment advertising spend.

And while you’re posting from your own career site or ATS, you get accurate reports via your user-friendly dashboard, on your running total spend, alongside money saved.

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Does it work?

The software targets only the best people to see your ad, rather than all random visitors. And more than this, it learns as it grows, to make the process even smarter for maximum engagement with the best, most suitable candidates for next time.


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    Programmatic controls everything, so you don’t keep spending unnecessarily
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    This really is the future: we fully expect 90% of all job boards over the next 4 years to go to a PPC model
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    On average a client will save this across advertising spend on all PPC boards

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