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Building an employer brand for one of the most challenging sectors in the UK today…aka healthcare. And digging deep into our EVP solution was where it all started for Signature Care Homes.

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External brand perception surveys showed us that the Signature brand needed to educate potential candidates of who they truly were. We needed to showcase why Signature was an amazing place to work, but above all, create emotional connections with a future-proof candidate attraction plan.

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What we did

Five focus groups, 1,600 employee survey reports, 3,000 external brand perception results, a HR leadership team strategy day and an in depth analysis of potential lookalike candidates…and breath. We hit the mark; our ‘Wake Up To better’ campaign was born.

Our employee survey had also highlighted some strong behavioural traits unique to each department. This inspired us to create a series of stories to truly define the ‘Wake Up To Better’ concept. From chefs to care assistants to general managers, each story reflected why Signature was the best place for candidates to ‘wake up to’.

To tackle the passive candidate market, we developed, designed and deployed the Signature career site, employer brand video and social media campaigns to reinforce each and every one of these stories. And to give the best attraction campaign in the active candidate market, we used our data - which is the envy of industry (currently running at 48 million CV applications per year) - to not only advise Signature of the strongest jobs boards to use, but at the best rates too.

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Did it work?

Signature’s easy to navigate career site started delivering from day one, and our employer branding video showed all the unbelievable behaviours from this amazing workforce, from the passion of the chefs right through to the uniqueness for the dementia care nurses. And with our personalised social recruitment campaigns, we keep driving candidates back to the site everyday.


  • 0%
    reduction in recruitment agency spend
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    rise in direct applications, 20,111 applications received within 3 months
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    reduction in recruitment advertising & temporary agency spend

Changing candidate perception...

...and increasing employee tenure is simply what we are all about.

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