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Employer Branding and Instagram: A Match Made in Heaven?

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Being able to answer this is one thing, but actually communicating this to your audience is another issue. Having a solid Employer Brand strategy on social media is crucial when it comes to snagging the best talent around.

Nearly 50 per cent of professionals follow companies’ social pages to look out for upcoming jobs. Over the past few years, Instagram has taken the lead for engagement rates, with brands generating 4x more interactions on Instagram than on Facebook.

Stats like this show the vital role social media plays in brand awareness. Whilst Instagram may seem like a ‘nice-to-have’, its value for candidate attraction can’t be overlooked. Your return on investment will be that all-important talent wanting to come and work for you!

Showing off your company culture

To create an Employer Brand that makes people go ‘I want to work there!’, you need to show off your company culture – what it’s really like to work there from the employees’ perspective, and what the company values.

One company that smashes this is Salesforce, who give us a glimpse behind the scenes, showing what employees get up to beyond the working day – everything from charitable ventures to work events – things that make people think ‘wow, what a great place to work’.

This post shows Salesforce employees taking part in Build A Bear workshops held at their offices, creating teddies that will be given to a children’s charity: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bq...

Follow Salesforce on Instagram: @salesforce

Visual storytelling

With 40% of people responding better to images and videos than plain text, Instagram is the obvious frontrunner to pique engagement. But it’s all about striking a balance; weaving a visual story that not only tells people what your company does, but shows who you are and what you stand for.

Team messaging app, Slack, has a fun and quirky Instagram page showing some personality – note the unusual sock puppets sporting Slack’s brand colours! There’s a nice balance between posts relating to their services and posts which say something about their people and culture.

Follow Slack on Instagram: @slackhq

Instagram Stories and Instagram Live

When it comes to engagement, Instagram Stories and Live reign victorious, getting the audience to actively interact with content. Brands get up to 37% of all their impressions on Instagram from Stories, so they should form an important part of your Employer Branding strategy.

Stories and Live work especially well for showing ‘behind-the-scenes’ and workplace events, making the audience feel like they’re in-on-the-action by bringing experiences to life.

Microsoft draws the audience in with a seasonal snapshot taken outside their office, then invites them to click on to the story for a virtual exploration of the campus. This gives people the chance to experience the office location for themselves in a fun, interactive way – view the post here.

Follow Microsoft on Instagram: @microsoft

Ready to supercharge your recruitment strategy?

These are just a few examples from the multitude of employers that are using Instagram to champion their Employer Brands. With talented candidates being highly sought after, and competition for their loyalty fierce, anything that can give you an edge over other companies is key.

If Instagram isn’t already on your agenda, you need to invest some time and effort into this powerful engagement platform to build a strong and enticing Employer Brand that will boost your entire recruitment strategy and get those truly talented individuals to choose you as their employer.

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