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You’ve Built an Employer Brand, Now it’s Time to Manage it

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Creating a knockout employer brand has huge benefits for your business, helping you attract and retain talent. But that’s only half the battle – to maintain a successful employer brand, you need to actively and consistently manage it.

Here’s 4 key considerations for managing an employer brand:

1. Keeping it aligned with business goals

Your employer brand should always reflect the wider business’ goals and play an active role in helping you achieve these. Your employer brand will be pivotal to your success by attracting the right skillsets that your business needs in order to grow and develop.

2. Effectively communicating the brand

Career sites and social media are valuable tools for promoting your employer brand, but you need to have a clear understanding of your target audience in order to use the best channels and platforms for engaging with your desired talent.

3. Ensuring current employee experience reflects desired employer brand

To make sure employees’ day-to-day experience is an accurate reflection of your desired employer brand, it’s important to regularly measure how people are feeling and performing in the business. Anonymous employee surveys will help you test the water and flag any issues.

4. Nurturing positive working relationships with management

Managers are vital in helping you form and implement your employer brand. They will also be a valuable resource to ensure every team member is living and breathing the brand and are representative of your company values. Take the time to engage with managers and encourage open communication.

5. Securing appropriate resources to deliver desired Employer Brand

There’s no point over-promising on your employer brand then not being able to deliver the goods in reality. Work with senior management to understand your limitations, capabilities, and what added value your business offers to employees – benefits, compensation, perks and culture.

These are just some of the elements involved in employer brand management, but to be successful it takes dedicated time and resources. It’s a worthwhile investment which will reduce hiring costs, increase employee tenure, and help you become a beacon for buzzing new talent!

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